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Clinical Services


As a Clinical Supervisor...

I provide an open and non- judgmental environment in which you can explore, learn, and process your experiences as a new clinician within the field of Dance/Movement Therapy. I have 2 years experience of being an onsite supervisor for first and second year dance/movement therapy students and am invested in supporting your learning process and transition into the field. Each supervisee will be provided with tailored and individual sessions based upon your needs, place of work, and goals. As a recent graduate I know finances can be tight. Because of this, if you would like to create a small supervision group with several of your colleagues,  I will agree on a set price that will benefit all.

For recently graduated dance/movement therapists,

I offer virtual supervision for Board Certification and LCAT hours

Price:  $65-$85 an hour

Price:  $120 an hour

for clinical enrichment after attainment of all licenses/registrations


As a Consultant... 

I offer my expertise in program development and implementation to group programs, wellness programs, and staff development opportunities. Whether you are a clinical program trying to get started, or a social service program looking for new wellness programs, I can provide tools and frameworks to help your program best meet the needs of your clients and goals. In addition to clinical program development, I offer consultation for non- clinical program development for any health and wellness business. 


Offering clinical consultation for businesses on the following topics:

-Program Development and Implementation

-Group/Individual Therapy


-Mood Disorders


Offering non- clinical consultation for businesses on the following topics:

-Wellness/ Prevention

-Staff Wellness and Program Implementation


Price: $120 an hour

Clinical Psychotherapy & Creative Arts Therapy

As a Therapist...

You might be thinking, “what is dance/movement therapy and how can it help me? I’m not a dancer!” Dance/movement therapy is more than “dance,” “movement,” or “exercise.”

By deeply understanding the connection between our mind, body, and spirit, we can feel more empowered, safe, and confident within our own skin. Through body-based techniques and exploration, I help to establish goals and enable my clients to work toward a greater sense of health and well-being. Through the use of movement and body awareness, together, we can make the changes you are seeking.

I strive to help you through building a strong, nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship, one in which you can feel comfortable enough to explore issues and build upon your strengths. While you guide this process, I will encourage and challenge you along the way.


In my practice as a trauma informed dance/movement psychotherapist, I can help you to understand your physical and emotional responses to stress and trauma, and its impact on relationships. By understanding how trauma can deeply impact lives, I work with you towards safely uncovering your resilience that lives behind trauma.



I draw upon frameworks such as Trauma-Informed Dance/Movement Therapy, Humanism, and Polyvagal Theory. I incorporate the use of creativity to enhance the therapeutic process, self-exploration, and confidence in relationships.


Areas of Specialty…

Trauma Recovery & Resilience, PTSD, Mood Disorders, Maintaining Substance Abuse Recovery, Adjustment Disorders, Relationship Issues

Individual Psychotherapy

Price: $150 for 50mins

**Based on Need/Request

Group Psychotherapy

Support Group

*** not currently taking patients***

"The living architecture composed of the trace-forms of human movements has to endure other disequilibrating influences as they come from within the structure itself and not from without. "
Quote continued "The Language of Movement" Rudolph Laban

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