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Worksheets & Games

for Therapeutic Movement Experiences

*Always make sure to consult with a medical doctor before engaging in any movement experience by yourself or with others.

**These worksheets and activities are not a substitute for psychotherapy, however they can be used to facilitate therapy sessions, classroom exercises, or be used at home or with friends.

Customize your Choice of:

Colors, Sizes, Exercises and Wording for all products below! 

Movement Spinner

Chose your own colors, activities, exercises, and spinner size!

Spinners can be single or double sided. 

Use at home with kids during quarantine, movement therapy groups or therapeutic movement activities!



Coping 20

20 sided die with corresponding body-based relaxation techniques,  breathing exercises, and interactional activities.




For Dance/Movement Therapists looking for a Laban Movement Analysis inspired activity. Some suggested themes and topics provided.

These movement prompts can be cut and placed in a jar for a hot potato style fun movement game, used to create dynamic scenes, & more! 



Dimensional Scale Activity

Combing movement, poetry, and creativity, this dimensional scale activity is a great tool for organization, relaxation, and creative expression for any dance/movement therapy group or therapeutic movement experience.



Coping Skills Bowling

A fun way to learn and practice body-based relaxation and coping skills. Just watch out- the competition can be fierce!



Goals & Reflections

These worksheets can help you or your clients organize your therapeutic goals through the day or week. They also provide you with an east check in.

*Purpose is for group therapy, but can be adapted for other uses upon request* 



Resilience Cards & Questions

Use these cards in a hot-potato style game, group discussion format, & more!



"Weather" Emotions

This is a creative movement exploration using the different types of weather as symbols for emotions. Explore the nuances of feelings and find ways to manage them along the way!



Anger Management "Cornhole"

Come with questions prepared or have group members provide the content. Also available for the product is the addition of a point system.




Use these shape cards to create a dance, explore sculptures and more!



Intention Cards

Use these cards to create a dance, find related music, write poetry, or connect to different movements. Let your creativity flow!

$20 a set


Body Based Coping Cards

Whether alone, in a group, or with friends, use this coping skills cards to help you relax, refocus, and reset.

$20 a set

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