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Certified Movement Analysis Sessions

What is Laban Movement Analysis?

Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is a method of observing, describing, interpreting, and documenting movement created by Rudolph von Laban.


Whether you are looking for assistance in achieving that perfect performance, or are struggling with public speaking, movement analysis might be the key to your success. 

Through the use of keen observation to the creative use of imagery, together, we can work to achieve your goals. 

What Will Sessions Be Like?

Initial Meeting:

  • Set Goals

  • Discuss Problem Areas/ Injuries

  • Movement Observation 

  • Learn About Dynamics of the Body

  • Provide Reading/Diagrams

Follow Up Sessions:

  • Engage/Review Exercises

  • Discuss Any Progress/Setbacks

  • Approach Goals Through Bartenieff Fundamentals/Laban Movement Analysis

Services are available to individuals, couples, or groups at any level/ability and will be tailored to your needs, goals, and schedule.

Price: $60 per hour

As a Graduate Laban- Certified Movement Analyst... 

I am skilled at observing movement patterns, or the way individuals relate to themselves, approach relationships, and move through the world.

With creativity and collaboration, I observe the ways in which you are currently moving towards your goals, in order to discover movement patterns that may be getting in the way of achieving your goal. I can help you prepare and practice for success in whatever field or profession you are in. 

Photo Credit: Cheryl Petratos Chicago, IL

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Bartenieff Fundamentals Workshops

Sessions will focus on embodying variations of Irmgard Bartenieff's Basic Six exercises as well as Peggy Hackney's Total Patterns of Body Connectivity. By enhancing connection to ones body, ones movement efficiency, and movement repertoire will increase for a variety of uses. 

Laban Movement Analysis Workshops


Through these workshops, one will become familiar with the 4 categories of LMA to be used towards one's unique purposes. 

Body, Effort, Shape and Space categories provide various lenses through which to observe and analyze movement and can be utilized for a variety of uses. 

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Each workshop will be 2 hours long and will meet weekly for one month.


$30 per person per session

$110 for Monthly Package

Please contact for a free 10 minute phone consultation.

***While I have a wide range of experiences including working as a dance/movement therapist, no psychotherapy will be provided in these workshops or individual sessions. For clinical services, please go to the clinical services page**


"The living building of trace forms which a moving body creates is bound to certain spatial relationships. Such relationships exist between the single parts of the sequence. Without a natural order within the sequence, movement becomes unreal and dream-like."

"The Language of Movement"
Rudolph Laban
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